The winter ahead

2020 has been a very difficult year for both the Centre, our supporters and the Country as a whole.

The Centre is now closed in line with the national lockdown but we will also be closed through to January 2021. No sooner is the national lockdown set to end do we then take our normal three week break for Christmas.  We will of course be posting out online orders all the way up to the last post before Christmas but please be aware that the postal system is likely to be under extreme pressure this winter and therefore may be suffering delays so get your orders in early.

We have made a plan for the winter restoration work on the Lancaster and this can be found HERE

Due to the affects of the Coronavirus we are short of funds for our winter work. The Centre has so far only managed to generate 30% of our normal income and we have not received any grants or funding beyond the rates relief and furlough schemes.  This will all sadly have a knock on affect on what we can achieve this winter and it’s quite likely we will launch some crowd funding campaigns to help with some of the smaller Lancaster projects.

We have some exciting new products available for postal order for Christmas and we’ve listed some of them below but take a look at our website for the entire range.

There will hopefully be some progress on the museum grounds (where funds allow) to get us closer to finishing the new Nissen Huts and opening them to our visitors.  We are also hoping to be able to reopen one of our storage areas as a new display building to hold some of the larger Home Front exhibits.

One of our ambitions is to be able to modify the original USAAF Fire Station on site to house our Fire Appliance and associated equipment- a very fitting modification of the original building!

All of the work this winter obviously depends on the funds we can raise over this period so if there is anything that takes your fancy in our online shop then we would welcome your support!

As we will be closed for such a long period this winter we plan on producing some films on site to help you all keep up to date with developments.  These will be uploaded to our Youtube channel so if you’re interested in following progress please do subscribe to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL

There’s lots to be done over the next 4 months so we are ready for Lancaster/Mosquito taxy runs in April 2021, lets all hope that we will be back to some sort of normality by then!

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