Our Previous Week Update

Bentwaters Cold War Museum - part 1.

Our first ever visit to this museum coincided with the public unveiling of their newly restored A-10 Thunderbolt II. As part of the event the organisers had arranged for a number of American vehicles to attend, which added to a very interesting day.
A-10A  IMG 7207 A-10A  IMG 7208 A-10A  IMG 7209 A-10A  IMG 7213
A-10A  IMG 7216 A-10A  IMG 7296 Buick  IMG 7302 Chevrolet  IMG 7231
Dodge Ram  IMG 7230 Fords  IMG 7299 Harrier  IMG 7224 Harrier  IMG 7225
Hawks  IMG 7227 IH Superior  IMG 7233 Phantom  IMG 7221 Phantom  IMG 7222
Phantom and Harrier  IMG 7217 Red Chevrolet  IMG 7301 Riley  IMG 7306 Studebaker  IMG 7300
US military vehicles  IMG 7206