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RAF Museum Cosford
The third and final part from our September visit to Cosford
covers some of the other exhibits on show around the museum.
Please try and visit our museums once lockdown ends, as they seriously need our support.
EE Lightning  IMG 2001 EE Lightning  IMG 2003 EE Lightning  IMG 2030 Focke-Wulf Fw190  IMG 1835
GD F-111  IMG 1960 GD F-111  IMG 1967 Gloster Javelin  IMG 2070 Handley Page Hastings  IMG 2021
HS Dominie  IMG 1769 HS Harrier GR3  IMG 1915 Japanese types  IMG 1791 Lockheed Neptune  IMG 1770
Messerschmitt Bf-109G  IMG 1870 MiG-21  IMG 1956 Mitsubishi Dinah  IMG 1781 Opposing types  IMG 1793
Short SB5  IMG 1775 Short SB5 and EE P1  IMG 1774 Sikorsky MH-53  IMG 2066 Silver Wings  IMG 2050
Test Flight  IMG 1941 Test Flight  IMG 1946 Vickers Valiant  IMG 1947 Avro Lincoln  IMG 1919
Avro Lincoln  IMG 1923 Avro York  IMG 2032 Avro York  IMG 2060 Canadair Sabre  IMG 2036
Cold War Jets  IMG 1981 Consolidated Catalina  IMG 1771 de Havilland Mosquito  IMG 1884 Douglas Dakota  IMG 2015
EE Lightning  IMG 1993 EE Lightning  IMG 1996