2015_10_16 Flying Legends Sunday

Swissair DC-3 Spitfire XIX Seafire III Spitfires V and T9 Supermarine gaggle RN Corsair
Spitfire IX Spitfire VIII Corsair pair Hawk 75 P-40C Mustang scramble
Mustang pair Hawk 75 P-36 P-40F Bf109G B-17G
B-17G and P-51D Jungmann CASA 352L Blenheim Spitfire I N3200 P-38
Hawk 75 Hawk 75 Red Bull pair B-25 P-38 P-38
Breitling DC-3 P-38 DC-3 DC-3 P-51D Sharkmouth Sea Fury
P-51D Moonbeam McSwine Spitfire XIV Spitfire XVIII z  Balbo approach z  Balbo departure B-25 taxy in
P-38 taxy in