2013_11_08 Welshpool airshow1

SNJ-5 Arrival of SNJ-5 Arrival of the RV8tors Avro Lancaster Avro Lancaster Avro Lancaster
Avro Vulcan Avro Vulcan Avro Vulcan Avro Vulcan underside Avro Vulcan BBMF
BBMF Caption competition CASA Jungmann G-ACUS Hatz CB-1 Jungmann departure
Jungmann G-BZJV Jungmann pair Jungmann pair Lancaster and Hurricane Lancaster bomb bay Lancaster from below
Lancaster gear up Lancaster in the valleys Lancaster low level Lancaster PA474 Lancaster underside Pitts 1
Pitts 2 Pitts 3 Pitts RAF Falcons RAF Falcons Rotorsport Calidus
Rotorsport Calidus Rotorsport Calidus Rotosport Calidus Rover SD1 RV8 camera-ship RV8 G-RVMZ
RV8 Rv8tors RV8tors RV8tors Sea Fury T20 SNJ-5
SNJ-5 SNJ-5 SNJ-5 SNJ-5 SNJ-5 (2) Somewhere, sometime in Wales
Spitfire PRXIX Squirrel departure Squirrel ZJ278 Super Dimona T-67M Firefly Typhoon
Typhoon Typhoon Vulcan XM652 cockpit Welsh Air Ambulance