2010_01_29 Aircraft on poles1

On Aviationanoraks Hanger (Garage) Magisters (Le Bourget France) Sea Dart (San Diego) SR71 (San Diego) DC-3 (Mangaweka NZ) Proud Bird restaurant (LAX USA)
DC-3 (Taupo NZ) R Pearce memorial (Waitohi Valley NZ) T-6 (RNZAF Museum Wigram NZ) Canberra (Wanaka NZ) Hunter (Bournemouth Aviation Museum) DHC Beaver (Mus Of Army Flying, Middle Wallop)
K5054 replica (Southampton airport) Spitfire and Hurricane replicas (RAF Mus Hendon) F-104 (NMUSAF Dayton, USA) Wildcat (Chicago O'Hare airport, USA) F-4 (Nevada ANG, Reno, USA) A-4 (Porterville airport, Calif USA)
A-7 (NAS Alameda, Calif USA) FA-18 (Lancaster, Calif, USA) F-4 (Lancaster, Calif, USA) Douglas Skyrocket (Lancaster Uni, Calif, USA) Cobra (San Diego AM, USA) Mig (San Diego AM, USA)
F-4 (San Diego AM, USA) Catalina (San Diego AM, USA) Ford Tri-Motor (San Diego AM, USA) Hurricane replica, (MOTAT, NZ) Hurricane replica (North Weald, Essex)