2009_12_12 Duxford Autumn Show

IMG 6654 Fennec Break Break Belgain F16 (1) F16 pulling up Sally B Original Duxford  Memorial
Short take off Sally B Smoke on Sally B  sepia Spitfire IX MH434 434 evening sky Sally B evening sun
Woodlouse evening reflection F-86A Sabre Sabre nose Sabre tail Chipmunk pair TF-51D Miss Velma
Miss Velma Chippies head-on Twin Chipmunk Fennec pair Little Rascal and Martin Willing Fennec No142
Wasp XT787 Belgian AC F-16 Pembroke C1 Avro Anson WD413 Pembroke WV740 Rapide and Anson
Anson head on Dragon Rapide G-AGJG ATA pair Hurricane Z5140 ATA pair low pass Spitfire TIX ML407
Blades take off Catalina 433915 Catalina patrol Piper Cub Catalina returns Spitfire and Hawk
Spitfire IIa P7350 OFMC arrival OFMC head on OFMC autumn sky OFMC pair evening Hawk
Sabre take off F-86A F-86 climb Sabre last pass Sabre taxy back Sabre and pilot
TFC TF-51D Chippie pair T-28 Little Rascal Fennec  No142 Wasp over Dux Belgian AC  F-16
GD F-16 Pembroke  WV740 Avro Anson take off Pembroke C1 WV740 Sepia Rapide Rapide underlit
Anson underside ATA pair 2 Hurricane  Z5140 Hurricane underside Blades crazy flying Catalina light flair
Fournier RF4D  G-AWGN Cub G-57 Cat back on the ground Stearman autumn sunshine OFMC loop MH434
Frankie 434 evening patrol OFMC break Frankie taxy in RAFBF Hawk Hawk XX245
Hawk airbrake climb Hawk topside Matt Barker, 2009 Hawk display pilot Evening Sally Evening Sally B Sabre Wheels Up
IMG 6689a IMG 6711a IMG 6714a IMG 6340