2009_11_20 Kemble BofB Open Day

XL577 Heat haze BBMF Spitfire XIX Twister G-RIOT AN2 and Pawnee Antonov AN-2 Hurricane LF363
Spitfire XIX take off Hurricane IIc take off LF363 Lancaster take off PA474 Pembroke and teddies!
PT-22 854 JP T5 XW324 JP T5 JP T3 Blue Diamonds Hunter Spitfire XIX PS853
Vampire WZ507 CASA Jungmann G-CDRU Large and small Trainers through the ages Twister autumn sky Silence Twister G-RIOT
Antonov  AN-2 AN-2 HA-MKF Fournier RF4 Twister  G-RIOT Fournier RF4 G-AWGN Spitfire XIX PM631
Hurricane LF363 YB-W Phantom Of The Ruhr 474 and church PRXIX sky Moody sky Lanc City of Lincoln
PT-22 PT-22  854 JP T3 479 Blue Diamonds Hunter T7 Spitfire XIX  PS853 Evening recon
Piper Cub 16037 Shows over, getting ready to leave Tiger Moth G-BMPY