2009_05_03 Abingdon

Under her wing P51 Low - Fast parachutist before take off DH Vampire take off Chinook2 Drag 'Em Oot take off
IMG 1325 C17 Glider - Twister Glider Inverted P40 - P51 Army 'Tigers' parachutist
Auster 5J1 Swift Glider Swift Glider Team Silence Twister Piper Super Cub Piper Pawnee
Percival Pembroke Pawnee and Twister P-51D Mustang BBD P-40 take off P-40 Kittyhawk Noorduyn Harvard
ex-Portugese Chipmunk Dukes Of Cassutt Drag 'Em Oot DH Vampire Chinook wave 2 Chinook wave 1
Chinook rear Chinook arrival Chinook C-47 Skytrain C-47 'Drag Em Oot' C-17 take off
BBD at rest BAe Hawk T1