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On 29th June 2017

Following the Sea Vixen’s successful display closing the show at Duxford Air Show, upon her return the Sea Vixen suffered an under carriage failure and Pilot Cdr Simon Hargreaves performed a highly controlled wheels up text book landing at RNAS Yeovilton showing first class airmanship.

Work by Assessors estimate that it could take between 3-4 years and cost £2-3M to get her flying again. A white knight is needed in the next month who would be prepared to come to the rescue and under-write these costs and save the last flying Sea Vixen in the world, recognising her uniqueness and value to the Nation’s naval aviation heritage.

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Please Help Save The Last Flying Sea Vixen
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Shuttleworth 19th May.

Our Old Warden coverage continues with photos from before the

evening airshow on 19th May, and includes our early morning wake up call!

Sycamore helicopter returns
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Shuttleworth Friday 18th May.

This week forms the first part of a few from Old Warden,

as we were fortunate to be able to spend three nights on site.

This first part covers some of the aircraft movements on the Friday

along with some action from the local model aircraft club.

sycamore press release 22a.pdf
Helicopter Museum Weston-Super-Mare

Historic Sycamore Helicopter Flies Home

The world’s last flying ‘Bristol 171 Sycamore’ helicopter will return home to Weston-super-

Mare this month when it flies to the Helicopter Museum; 60 years

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Historic Sycamore Helicopter Flies Home
sycamore press release 22a.pdf