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This site is dedicated to the Memory of my wife  Linda   28-03-49 to 18-09-2003

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Vickers Wellington N2980

We featured this aircraft some years ago when it was in

its previous position within the museum, but with different

access now it resides in the Aircraft Factory we decided to

run a follow up. More famously known as the ‘Loch Ness Wellington’

following its ditching there on 31st December 1940, N2980 is the

only surviving Wellington to have seen active service during

World War II.

Est 2007

Brooklands Museum Aircraft Factory

.One of the recent developments at Brooklands was the

moving of the Wellington hangar and the creation of

the Aircraft Factory within once reconstructed.

This is how redevelopment of a museum should be,

artefacts still on display and proper hands-on things

for people to learn from, not just push-button displays

that make a noise as some museums seem to have installed!

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A Warship In Dock, 1940, Eric Ravilious. © IWM Art.IWM ART LD 70